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Let's face it, drums are a huge foundational element to most modern music. A killer drum track bursting with life, excitement, and punch is key to making your songs sound competitive and radio-ready. It requires a great performance, great sounds, and proper editing/mixing techniques.

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Have you recorded drums at home, in a garage or other space, and didn't get the sound you hoped for? Are you dealing with a performance that is sloppy, or fluctuates in-and out of time? We can help, with editing and mixing.



This is where things really get exciting. The truth is, live drums can be a beast to manage when it comes to the final mix of your record. There are many parts of a drum kit, recorded with different microphones, each with a unique character and set of potential issues. The person mixing drums has to be able to make each piece of the kit shine, manage issues like bleed and phase cancelation, and likely automate some changes throughout the song, all while making 8, 10, 12 or more tracks sound like one instrument! Mixing drums goes beyond the scope of simply "following the song" or "getting the balance right."

If you are newer at mixing, haven't worked with live drums before, or just have a lot of other things to deal with during the production of your record, why not take a step back and let a seasoned pro do the dirty work, and deliver you a crushing, polished drum sound, custom-tailored to your song?

Want to set your mix up for success with a great drum sound? Click here to request a quote. We can also create a test mix for you, free of charge.

Check out these samples to see what mixing could do for your drum tracks:

Drum Editing and Mixing Services


This is where we dig into the drum tracks and touch up the performance. If the track suffers from mild-moderate timing issues, inconsistent hits, excess flamming, or similar issues, these can be addressed. Or, if you have a very good drum performance but want to make it more polished, we can do that.


Here's a little secret: most commercial releases today employ the same editing techniques we use, even for the best of drummers. The extra bit of tightness and power achieved by good editing is part of the sound and high standards that have come to be expected of modern productions.

Rest-assured, we will NOT turn your drummer into a robot or make them sound like a machine. Each hit will get the unique care and attention it deserves, or your money back.

Ready to take your drums up a notch? Click here to request a quote. We can also run a test sample free of charge.

Or, check out these samples to see what editing could do for your drum tracks:



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