This is not merely a technical engineering process. I love helping artists bring their A game to the studio, from beginning to end. I will help you prepare, give your absolute best performance, and capture the aesthetic you want your music to have.


I can take raw tracks recorded at any studio, and put them together into a finished song that engages the listener from start to finish. I'll strive to understand the sonic landscape you want to craft, and bring it to life.


Whether it's a single, EP or full length album, I will ensure your mixes are polished, translate to all playback systems, and stand up next to every other commercial release.

freedom to create

authentic sounds

attention to detail

modern flexibility


P = Produced, E = Engineered, M = Mixed, MA = Mastered




I am a producer/mixer from Seattle, WA, who specializes in rock and pop music.


My mission is to help bands and artists make top notch recordings, so that their music hits the listener with maximum impact.

Having been in the artist's shoes, I am familiar with the challenges bands face as they create music and prepare to release it. I know what it's like to have a great studio experience, and a not-so-great one. Because of this, I'm committed to providing a comfortable environment where musicians can be creatively inspired.


In any recording, three of the most important elements are the song, the performance, and the sound. My goal is to nail all three, every time. I also understand the high level of care and attention to detail required when working on your music, handling every project as if it was my own.

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Cha Wilde

"Tyler is good vibes and easy to work with... he's always been super welcoming, laid back and focused. I love how professional he is and I know I can count on him to take the work seriously. He gets his work done quickly and he's patient and open to trying things until you as the client are happy."


-Cha Wilde | Seattle, WA




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Southwest side of Issaquah, WA

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